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Bestechman warrants that knives will be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original owner for the life of the product. If a product is found to be defective, Bestechman will at its sole discretion either repair or replace the item at no charge.

If Bestechman chooses to replace the knife, it may be replaced with the same model or one of equal value if the original item is no longer available or in production.

Bestechman does not cover repairs if a knife was misused (Throwing, prying, ETC), abused, accidentally or intentionally damaged.Broken tips are usually the result of improper use such as prying or other abuse and are usually not covered under warranty.

If a knife fails to function as it was designed to be used . Please contact our Bestechman representatives (see the information below). To receive warranty service you must first receive a return merchandise authorization and the original knife must be returned to our appointed address.

If it is determined that a returned knife's problem is not the result of a defect in materials or manufacturing, it will not be accepted for warranty work and you may choose to have the knife returned to you at your expense or explore options to have the knife fixed outside of warranty coverage.

Damage caused by throwing, prying or dropping, chipped edge or broken serrations, improper sharpening, rust due to neglect or other improper treatment will not be covered under this warranty.

Repairs to your knife performed by any source other than Bestechman unconditionally voids the knife's warranty.

Modifying the knife from its original form or assembly in any way will void the warranty.

If you are missing any hardware, please contact our representatives for replacements.


You are always welcome to contact Bestechman with any questions or concerns.Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help from us.

Knives Care Tips

Bestechman are precision cutting tools made from some of the finest materials in the world, which should be treated accordingly. Proper care and maintenance by the user are needed to ensure optimum performance. If you use your knife with care and according to our instructions, you will enjoy our knives for a very long time.

Most of our blade steels have a very high carbon content which enables them to hold a superior cutting edge. Unfortunately, carbon is also the element that causes rust, so preventive care is required if the knife is used in humid or marine environments.

Here is some daily care tips:
● Always clean your knife thoroughly and make sure it is completely dry.
● Give it a little oil in the pivot area and also rub the blade with a little oil.
● If there are signs of rust, use a fine graded semi-chrome polish to remove these spots.
● Never disassemble the knife unless you are sure you can reassemble it by yourself.
● Never sharpen the knife yourself unless you are sure you can do this properly without cutting yourself or destroying the knife or the cutting edge.

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